Thank you for looking me up! My departmental web page can be found here. To access data related to recent projects, please refer to my Github page here.

About me

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington under the advisement of Drs. Richard Wright and Mari Ostendorf. My research focuses on issues in computational models of prosody and speech perception. My primary research concerns how natural language understanding can be augmented with prosodic information, and in processing tasks such as punctuation recovery and disfluency detection. I am also interested in the classification of spectral and temporal speech cue weighting by speakers with moderate to severe hearing loss. I use theory-agnostic, engineering approaches with grounding in attested generalities of language acoustics.

I received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and an Honors B.A. in Linguistics in 2017 from the University of Utah. I received a certification in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) from the Univeristy of Utah in 2016. I was accepted as a Ph.D. student at UW in 2017.

My CV can be found here.

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Contact: sbng (at)