Vocal Tract Measurement
The vocal tract is like the internet: a series of tubes. For central vowels, we can model the vocal tract as a simple tube, like a cylinder that starts at the vocal tract and ends at the lips. Fn=(2n-1)c4l where c=speedofsound(m/s)l=lengthofsimpletube(m) In a vocal tract, the speed of sound is about 350 m/s. So l=350(2n-1)4Fn
Estimate height from vocal tract length: H=7l+0.55 (m) Activity: Guess Who Match the speaker with the spectrogram (A-G), using vocal tract length estimation and given height.
Sara1.625 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______Trang1.675 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______Wesley1.88 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______Ellen1.625 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______
Leanne1.59 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______ Juvenile 11.59 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______ Juvenile 21.3 m Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______ You? Audio file: _______Est VTL: _______
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