Word Class Generator

Use this form to generate a word class set in English. The possible vocabulary comes from the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary.


In the input field, type the phonemic environment you'd like this class to match using arpabet characters. For wildcards, use _ (any), VX (vowel) and CX (consonant) Characters can be combined using the pipe character (|). Because of combinatoric complexity, frames with many wildcards and pipes will take a long time to generate.

For example, if you'd like all FEEL type words, you could type 'CX IY L'. To include both FEEL and FILL type words, type 'CX IY|EH L'

The primary stress toggle checks whether any phone in the matching substring of a CMU pronunciation contains the primary stress marker. Right now, using stress markers in the input frame will break the generator.

Filtering by part of speech is currently unsupported.